Thursday, June 19, 2014

Roadside Fruit Stands-You Would Love To Stop And Buy Produce

Supporting local growers of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers is so helpful to all of us that grow them.  Thank you for doing that.  The top photo is of our roadside stand.  The top of it is an old chicken brooder; I glued scalloped oil cloth around it; and the red round tube is where you insert the money.  The table was an old carpenter's work table.
We all don't sell our produce at Farmer's Markets, some sell it through a Community Supportive Agriculture membership farm (CSA), like ours, or through little local roadside stands which are mostly done on the honor system. 
We have a roadside stand out in front of our house where I put out any extras that I may have of anything.  I try to do it regularly, but sometimes when it is our CSA delivery week, I don't make it out there, but don't give up on us.  Drive by your favorite stand periodically, you will see some days have lots, others may be empty-especially when it is hot hot, the stands may be empty because it is too hot to leave fruit/veggies out.
I have gone on Pinterest and am sharing some really, really cute roadside stands that I know I would stop and buy something.  This one is so darn cute, using old windows and old benches.  And the flowers look so beautiful, I would be stopping there every week. How about you?
I wish I had put rollers or wheels on my stand like this one.  It would have made it easier to move it when we aren't using it or when we rake the front of the house.
Simple yet darling.  And old ladder with boards through it.

This isn't an old trailer, but what a great idea for a stand to use a 1950s/60s style trailer. I thought the name was cute, "The Farmacy".
This next one is so clever, an old dresser/vanity. The person lined the drawers with burlap (my favorite fabric) and put oil cloth on top.  I am a huge fan of using chalk boards and I have used them for years and years because I never could find a piece of paper to write prices for the produce.
This last photo is our garden shed that we made from a horse building that was on the property.  Not a stand, but it could make a really fun one.  It originally had 3 open sides, Frank rolled it to where we needed it by pulling it with his tractor.  We found some old windows, an old garage door; and I finished it off with found columns and the chicken tin weather vane/copula.

 So cruise on by some of your local farms, they just may have some fresh picked produce out front for you to support their farm.

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