Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Airstream Trailer Group Tours Farm; Planting, Planting, Planting

We were busy this last week, sorry for not posting earlier.  All the concentrated rain got me a little behind in my planting of the fields and we are just getting started.  Frank had rotatiled the fields prior to the rain, but because of that, the soil is compacted again.  Then it was too wet to get the tractor in without getting it stuck to do it all over again.  So guess what we have been doing the last few days?  Packing in weeks worth of work into a few hot days.  And dang, I had not had hardly any weeds in the rows because-guess, no rain.  But since it rained, weeds everyplace.
But I need to tell you all about the Airstream Trailer Group tour.  I had such a great, great time.  Lots of work ahead of time; cleaning up the yard; making jams and jellies; making home made laundry soaps; getting eggs together; picking some lettuce all to have available for the group as I was told they had wanted to purchase something made here at the farm.  I had purchased a bunch of bales of straw for seating and made a couple of lemon lavender cakes for a sweet treat for them.  Frank cleaned up his 1947 Ford Tractor and had it displayed; and put out signs of the tour out front.  My neighbor's teenage son has taken up foraging and metal work-blacksmithing in the last few years so I asked him to set up to demonstrate.  I thought the guys in the tour would find that very interesting.  I put out our 3 little chicks that had hatched recently in a special cage so they could see them and pick them up if they so wished.
The good news is I took a bunch of photos before they came.  Bad news is I got so into talking and explaining what we do, I forgot to take pictures of the people!!!  Dah, I just hate that I did that.  A good friend Luana had volunteered to help me the day of the tour in case anyone needed anything and also to help ringing up any sales of the jams and items I had out to sell.  Frank was busy at the forge with Jessie and several of the fellas enjoyed talking to him about his tractor and farming.

I believe the group had a great time, I know I did.  They were all just so interested and gracious about our place and was particularly interested in water issues.  After the tour, we were invited to visit their trailers and arranged for their tour the next day.  Frank and I went to the fairgrounds the next morning and had another few hours visiting with them.  I can honestly say, I would have loved it if every one of this group lived here in Gridley, They would all make such great friends!!!  They were from Modesto, Sacramento, San Rafael, Cotati, Grass Valley, Fresno, all over Northern California.  Their Airstream trailers were each unique and beautiful.  We even toured an Airstream Motor Home, I never knew Airstream made them.
So I believe our first farm tour was a success.  No problems (except no photos of the visitors); sold some farm items; and I believe we gave them a glimpse of what we do here at Windmill Farm.  If any of the Airstream group happens to read this blog, thank you all for supporting our farm and for spending a few hours with us.  Hope to see you again sometime.
Tonight, after being outside since early AM and in 85 degrees weather, I am sun burned, my back aches; my hands are chapped.  Tomorrow we will be ready to start again to get those beans and cucumbers in the ground.  Next week, I think I will plant tomatoes and peppers.  It is earlier than I normally do, but hard to believe it will be cold again now.  Farmer's have to be always positive otherwise we would have given up a long time ago.
Am working on setting up a couple new classes:  A furniture painting class and an acrylic art painting class.  More info and the dates coming soon.
Until next time.

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