Thursday, October 10, 2013

Floral Design Class a Success!! Pomegrantes Ripe; Chicken Eggs Are Happening

Frank had pneumonia last year and was very sick.  So this year, I insisted that he get a pneumonia shot and a flu shot and so should I get one.  I called our doctor's office to ask them if the shots were OK to get at our local Rite Aid, as they were advertising and could we get both of them at the same time; AND would our insurance/Medicare pay for them. Yes, yes and Yes.  We both went into Rite Aid and the new pharmacist gave us our shots and said our arms would be a little stiff for a few days but should not have any other symptoms.
Bammm, the next day we were both sicker than dogs and were in bed until today.  Fevers, aches, pains, chills, headaches.  Only time we felt better was when we first took Tylenol, but that lasted only a short time.  Today we are both up AND dressed but moving slow.
About my Floral Design Class, what a success it was, great number attended and Lisa Hunter did a non stop, 2 1/2 hour fabulous demonstration, making 5 arrangements.  The flowers and greenery were cut right here at our farm. 
Lisa gave so many hints and tips about making arrangements "move"; about "bunching"; and to not be afraid to use natural elements from nature in the arrangements. 
She told us what is happening in the trends of her wedding floral design business; told us how to keep flowers fresh; how to use different types of vases.
At the end of our class, I had the attendees put their name in a jar, I drew names and the winners got to choose one of the arrangements she made or a gift facial package given to me by my friend, Kathleen Turner, who is a local licensed esthetician. And each person got to take home a pumpkin I made which I showed you in the previous blog.  Lisa had suggested that we have another class at the beginning of December on making holiday wreaths which we all loved that idea.  The photos aren't the best, I was trying to get everything Lisa needed to make the arrangements and was moving around the room trying to get good pictures with my phone and see they didn't turn out as great as they were in person.
Our pomegranates are ripe and we picked our first picking of the largest ones.  If anyone is interested, just email, call or Facebook me and I will be glad to get you some.  Our prices are fabulous and when you go to the grocery stores and see they are selling them for 2-$5 it just makes sick that we sell ours so cheap. 
 Opening up pomegranates is not that difficult.  I cut them in half and place them in water and pull out the seeds which go to the bottom and the membrane goes to the top.  There are several tutorials on the Internet that show you how to pop open the seeds using a wooden spoon and another one that cuts off the top; slices the bottom flat; slightly cut top to bottom where the pom has ridges and pull apart.  All these methods get you to the inside, beautiful and very healthy pomegranate seeds.  You can use the juice; make jelly; or just eat them.  I also have small pomegranates I sell very cheap, cheap if anyone wants them to add to holiday decorations or making of wreaths for the holidays.
Our chickens are laying like crazy, finally!!!  The ones we purchased that were originally 4 months old are now laying smaller sized eggs but each day they are getting bigger.  A few haven't figured out they need to plan ahead and find a box to lay.  I have been finding eggs in the outside pen or on the inside on the floor.  One is really enjoying her cackling voice when she lays a egg, she just cackles and cackles for about 5 minutes.  She should be proud of her accomplishment.  The other batch that I got when they were only a few days old are now almost grown and should start laying at the end of November.  Thank goodness I will finally be able to keep up with my egg orders of my customers.  They are so patient, kind and understanding of the ways of chickens!!!
Until next time from our Windmill Farm

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