Sunday, July 7, 2013

Making a Simple Wooden Star, Future Braided Rug Class; Getting Organized

Hello from Windmill Farm
Did you all have a wonderful July 4th?  We spent most of the mid day surrounded by fans and I don't mean adoring supporters, I mean the rotating, making cool air, fans.  It was sure a hot one.  We had made our CSA deliveries on Tuesday.  That meant lots of outside picking, washing, packing baskets on Tuesday, in the horrid heat and delivering on Wednesday.  By Thursday, the 4th, Frank and I were two old tired farmers.  But boy, we packed some wonderful produce again this week-our members got: Strawberries, blackberries, strawberry jam, different varieties of squash, couple different varieties of cucumbers, tomatoes, purple and green peppers,  peaches, nectarines, plums.
Speaking of the 4th of July, I had seen these really cute stars made from scraps of wood.  I know everyone loves those big metal stars that you hang on the outside of a barn or house.  I even have a red one on the side of my garage.  But this would be something different.  Would really be cute on a gate too.  I saw them at the Gathering's Vintage Flea and couldn't justify purchasing them when I know Frank could make them for me so easy.  Just thinking about it, why couldn't you make them out of wooden yard sticks too!!
 Our business and blog has presented to us the most wonderful people.  When we moved to Gridley, I have said it before, we did not know ONE person.  After we decided we would look around and saw a house we liked, it was May 29th, a holiday weekend and the wonderful person that was working that day, Reed Johnson, from Century 21 answered the telephone and we purchased this house and farm.  Poor Reed, I would call him all the time, asking if he knew anyone who did concrete work; or pruned trees; or where can you purchase gravel.  That first year, our #1 friend was so helpful and a local guy so knew history and everyone in town.

Since we started selling produce and I started writing this blog, we have met the most kind, wonderful and fascinating people.  As an example, about a few months ago, a very nice lady wrote to me about how much she has enjoyed my blog and particularly discussions about flowers-the best of the best, peonies.  We chatted back and forth several times over a few months and I found out she is an accomplished rug maker/rug designer.  Well, as you know I have my classes here at the farm and I am discussing with her about putting on a braided rug making class in the fall, that will be so much fun.  But in the mean time, I asked her if she would be interested in finishing a braided rug my mother started to make.  My mother was from Rhode Island and New Englanders love braided rugs.This photo is of my Mom at my grandmother's house, probably in the 1960s.  She made me a braided rug for my room growing up at home;  a huge blue braided rug that she made by finding wool coats and rugs at the thrift shops over the years.  When she died, I found this red one in her things and had always planned on finishing it up myself, somehow.  This new wonderful friend agreed that she would look at the rug and finish it off for me.
We met last week while delivering our baskets up in Paradise and it was such a wonderful time, seeing all her beautiful antiques and the many, many BEAUTIFUL rugs she has made all throughout her home.  I just didn't want to leave!!!!  So hopefully, this fall, you too will get a chance to meet this wonderful and talented lady when you sign up to take the braided rug making class.
PS-There is still openings available for my Making Farmer's Market Bags using re-cycled animal feed sacks set for July 10th 6-8pm.
While having to be inside the house for several hours due to the heat, I decided to clean out my pantry and organize some of my messy kitchen drawers.  At some points, I really had a right mess all over the counters, it was a fine line between getting organized and creating a disaster.  But I felt pretty good about how I re-purposed, re-used some items.  We had had company and I had taken the easy way and purchased the already prepared veggie snacks.  They come, as you know, with these neat divided plastic pans.  So I cleaned them up and I now use them in my "not so junkie" junk drawer.And the company had brought some coffee with them as they are always so thoughtful to bring lots of items to help out with their visits.  I use Trader Joe's coffee, so I had not seen this new container of coffee.  Well, I washed it up after it was empty and I now use it as a scoop for the chicken feed.  It has a built in handle on the side.  Perfect and I want a few more!!!
The company/relatives mentioned they like to use the empty spice containers to keep nails and bolts in his garage.  I save those too because I find they are handy to use in my sorting shed.  So I have started a box of them and when full, plan on mailing it to him as a surprise.  Thinking of how to re-use something is fun.  Now I feel good, I lined all my drawers with cool liner; I organized my junk drawer; and I have a new scoop that won't break in the chicken coop.  Now to rest in front of my "fans" again.  Hope you are one of my fans out there :-)

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