Friday, June 21, 2013

CSA Basket Delivery, Camping and Finding A Great Surplus Store

I think I am back in the living again.  I have had this summer cold/flu for about 5 days and it really got me down.  We did have our CSA baskets to deliver and honestly, if it wasn't for my sweet husband Frank, it wouldn't have gotten done.  He took care of the chickens, chicks, picked and washed all the produce; moved the completed ones into the cooler; helped me deliver the CSA baskets and put everything away.  He did all the watering and so much more.  I finally went to the doctor and now with some anti-biotics, I am on the mend and back to business!!!

Fun thing happened when we made our deliveries this week.  In Paradise, we have two members so make the sweep and deliver to Chico and then go up the Skyway to Paradise.  Drop of the baskets and cut over and take the Clark Road down to Oroville.  On the way, we always saw a sign that said there was a military surplus store.  Frank and I love these stores because they have the most interesting items you never see.  They have camping items; ropes; wool blankets; coats, jackets; camouflage shading items.  We always said next time we would stop, so this time, we did and met the owner and the store was so much fun.  The store is called Swiss Link and it is located at 5355 Clark Rd, Paradise if interested.  At the last Gatherings Antique Flea Market, one of her vendors had this white shade cloth over her booth.  It was so pretty and

useful, I asked her what it was and she said it was a military netting camo.  I thought she had bleached it because I had only seen them in the greens.  This store had the white camo netting and I was told it is called Snow Camo from Britain.  Of course, doesn't that make sense that they would need a cover in the snow country, green would show up!!!  I think I am going to use it off my sorting shed when I have my canning classes for shade.
They had these 1930s-1940s cotton and wool blankets.  They are new/old stock meaning they were from that era, never used and new.  The cotton blankets were from a Swedish Hospital and the quality of the blankets were so wonderful.  And they had wool new blankets from Italy, Sweden, US, and Russia.  I am going to purchase one when my daughter finishes re-doing our grandson's room and have it at the foot of his bed.While there, the owner took our farm business card as he said he and his friend had been looking for a CSA farm that would deliver produce and nobody in their area delivered.  So we met some great people; saw some fun items; and added a couple more members to our farming business.  In the biz world, I think they call that networking!!!

Our grandson, Collin had a birthday last week so the family all went up to Lodgepole Lake and camped.  It is a beautiful place and the campsites were so clean, large areas around each spot and the camp host Tina does a fabulous running the camp ground.  Of all the years I have camped, I never saw a camp host clean a camp site, I mean she picked up trash, cleaned the fire pits and RAKED all around each spot.  The lake is breathtakingly beautiful.  The kids are really interested in fishing so we fished every day but unfortunately, none of us caught anything.  Celli and family have kayaks so they did that on the lake.  Fun time with Celli & Chris and the other Baker Grand parents, John & Katie.
We all had a great time and after working so hard on the farm non-stop since April, it was nice to just relax and enjoy the out doors and family. 

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