Friday, May 17, 2013

Great Slipcover Class & Whirlwind Mother's Day Weekend

When I schedule the classes here at Windmill Farm, I always ask myself "is it a class that I would want to attend"?  I have always loved the casual and comfortable style of slipcovered furniture.  I must say that I have moved past my old love of roses and floral fabrics on furniture long ago.  I now use more color on my walls; more interesting use of pictures, paintings, objects to have the star attraction in a room.  Most of my living room furniture is slipcovered in white or neutral.  I love it because with animals; grand kids and general usage, I just throw them into the laundry and out they come all fresh and clean.
So when I asked myself, would I want to attend a class that teaches you how to do basic slipcovering?  You bet, yes, sign me up.

The Upholster/Slipcover class taught by professional upholsterer Caroll Reece was a huge success.  She taught the class what are the differences between the two furniture coverings; showed us how we can add/change a look of an item by the use of the many varied styles and types of edging/trims.  She taught us about threads and needle sizes; how to make piping; where to purchase fabrics; and gave us charts on how to figure amounts of fabric to purchase for different furiture items.  Caroll then brought out an ottoman, plain vinyl top and she had made 2 different styles of slipcovers.  Then she showed us how to construct a slipcover from the top to the bottom.  It seemed so possible that we all could make these covers using Caroll's instruction and information given to us in a folder that she provided.  Great class and enjoyed by all those that attended.  We are planning on scheduling another class in the fall to cover some of the same basic information, but to make covers for dining room chairs and cushions.  If interested, email me and I will put you on the list to be notified when we set up the date.  Thank you Caroll for a great class!!
Caroll Reece's number is 530-743-5329 in case you need any upholstery or slipcover work done.
We had the class on Saturday morning and in the afternoon, the family and extended family started to arrive for the Mother's Day weekend.  What a lovely day it was having the grand kids play in the yard and ride their electric jeep and gator all around the farm.  It was a little warm but there was a nice breeze; Chris BBQ a tri tip and made fresh vegetables; a Caesar salad; we had sliced tomatoes with lemon juice and basil and mozzarella cheese; we even had fresh berry pie for desert.  Celli and grand kids stayed an extra day over to Monday so we were able to spend some really fun time laughing and seeing the kids go every 10 minutes to check on getting eggs from the chickens.  I received two wonderful Mother's Day gifts, besides having my family around me.  I got another Endless Summer Hydrangea and Katie gave me a bag of LADYBUGS for my garden.  Collin and Carli helped open up the bag and put them all on my rose and hydrangea bushes in the evening after the planted were sprayed with water.  Carli didn't like it very much as a few got into her hair, but we were able to rescue them and they flew off on to bush.
I hope you all had a great weekend.  Next week, the pressure is on, we will be starting our CSA baskets for delivery.  Do you belong to a local farm that grows vegetables or fruits?  There is a great site: that lists all the farms, CSA, special produce, all sorts of information wherever you live in the US.  Check it out.  There is also a great site site that also lists all the farms within your zip code that allows people to come and pick your own produce.  Great family fun.
Until next time-keep watering, keep up pulling weeds and enjoy your gardens.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Paula for inviting me to teach a class at Windmill Farm. I had such a wonderful day, meeting new people and your wonderful hospitality. I am looking so forward to taking some of your other classes and teaching another class this fall.
Thank you again