Friday, April 19, 2013

Great Classes Coming Up & Tractor Supply Chick Day Ends April 21st

My hands are constantly caked with dirt from digging and planting seeds and vegetable plants.  Although some plants in the garden are still small, on the whole it is starting to look like a real proper garden!!!  My friend Mary sent me this picture and thought I would find it fun and inspiring, which it did.  Think I will be using more burlap this summer in my floral arrangements.
I forgot to mention some exciting classes coming up here at Windmill Farm. 
Learn To Not Be Afraid of Yeast-Learn the Basics of Making Yeast Breads and Quick Hand Made Rolls - April 27, 2013 1pm - 3pmJackie Whitnack will be teaching this class. We will be making yeast breads, start to finish; learn to make up home made "Quick" rolls; you will learn about all the different types of flours so you can make the breads/rolls per your specific likes or health needs.  Snacks provided; handouts; instruction.  $25.  Space is limited so please call or email me to sign up.
Beginning Slipcover and Upholstery Class - May 11, 2013 10:00 am - 12:30pm.  Caroll Reece, Owner of Upholstery/Slipcover business will be teaching the class.  You will learn about how to figure yardage for projects; learn all about piping and construction; about trims; demo and hands on making piping and she will show you how to make a slipcover for a footstool doing it two ways.  Snacks; handouts; instruction provided.  $25.  Space is limited so please call or email me to sign up.
Discover Your Genealogy Class -Learn How to Find Out About Your Family and Start Your Own Family Tree - May 15, 2013  5:30pm - 8:30pm.  Linda Goebel will be teaching this class and has many years of experience.  You will learn the basics of how to get started, if you have done some, she will take you to the next level.  She will teach you how to navigate through and also other sites; teach tips about take the mystery about looking.  Snacks; handouts; instruction provided here at Windmill Farm.  $25.  Space is limited so please call or email me to sign up.
Learn How to Make Your Own Market Bag Using Recycled Feed Sacks.  In early June I will be providing a class on making those Farmer's Market bags using feed sacks.  I know I have talked about it forever but now that the market season is about to begin, good time to do it and it is really fun to do and each one is unique.
One other update.  Tractor Supply is having their final Chick Day April 21st.  Check it out as they are still having some special deals on chick starting supplies; they have some really great chicken coops already made, you just need to assemble and can still order your baby chicks.  Tractor Supply also has some great books and magazines on raising chickens that I still buy even though I am a pretty veteran chicken farmer.  I love reading about anything to do with chickens!!!
Having our farm has really blessed Frank and I with meeting some wonderful people that we would probably never meet without having it.  Yesterday, a lovely lady contacted me about signing up for the baking class and came over to pay and fill out the form.  We became kindred spirits and a wonderful and interesting person.  And her husband came along and he had so much in common with Frank, they sat out back on the patio and chatted away and we chatted away in the kitchen!!!   Funny thing is that she lives a very short distance away from us and she had never known about our classes, or our CSA farm.  She also signed up and became a Windmill Farm Member!!!  I am so pleased to have met her and her husband and know we will become great friends.
Back to digging and dirty hands.  Have a great weekend -going to be hot so wear sun screen and a hat.

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