Monday, April 1, 2013

Bicycles Can be Fun Garden Art

 I hope you had a wonderful Easter!!  We went camping with our family for 5 days and had just so much fun.  Carli has been bitten by the fishing bug, catch and release of course, and spent hours learning how to cast and be patient!!!  And it paid off as she caught 2 fish.  Collin has gotten so good at riding his bike he actually scares me sometimes at how fast he can ride.
I love the bicycles that are patterned off the old 1950s bikes, large fenders, aqua or pink and white colors, they are so darn fun.  Frank bought me one a few Christmas' ago and it always makes me smile when I see it in the garage with the cute wicker basket on it, also makes me feel guilty for not riding it more. 

I have collected images of old bikes on Pinterest and wanted to share them with you.
It is cute to see some old rusty ones set into a garden with flowers all over them.  I have recently seen in large nurseries where they make bikes but they are actually not working but have special holders for flower pots.
A special occasion bike-

A cute gate made from a bike-

Or just a lazy afternoon ride bicycle.
They even make a bike chain that looks like leaves.
Happy Bicycling!!!

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