Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Knit Nite a Success and Chevron Patterned Drawer Liner

Knitted Flowers-Surprise Gifts
The Knit Nite-Learn to knit class turned out so much fun.  It is so wonderful to have these get togethers with some amazing women.  Aimee, the owner of Aimee's Yarn shop in Paradise was so patient and had the class all casting on and knitting in a very short time.  I had made cute knitted floral pins using scraps of yarn and patterns from Nicky Epstein's knitting book called Knitted Flowers.  I had attended a "Stitches West" Convention a few years ago where Ms. Epstein had a booth and was selling her book and demonstrating these new items.  She is an exceptional knitting designer and I have several of her other books and it was a great thrill to have met her. 
The dining room was set up with items that had been hand knitted, skeins of beautiful yarns, different size needles and lots of goodies to eat while learning to knit.  I think a Knit Nite once a month may be a fun thing to continue.
When I was working a full time executive-high paced job in my pre-farming days, I would work more than 55 hours a week, but seemed to always find time to go shopping.  I would be shopping for clothes, shoes, jewelry, house items, kids items, husband items, honestly, shopping was planned around anything and everything.
For the last few years, I seem to never go shopping unless it is Tractor Supply (where I have been known to buy shoes and clothes); occasionally Target and grocery shopping.  If I needed anything, I would just go on-line and have the item dropped to my door step.
But the other day, our friend Tina had purchased a bed from Marshall's and needed someone with a larger vehicle to pick it up, so I volunteer and off we went shopping.  My word, I had forgotten about the thrill of shopping, my eyes lit up like it was Christmas.  One item that ended up in my shopping cart was this chevron patterned drawer liner.  I have no idea why I bought it, other than aqua is my favorite color and I love the design of chevron.  I came home with the two rolls, put them in my pantry and forgot about them.  They fell off the shelf on to my head yesterday, so I decided to use them or give them away to someone who would use them.
The process was so easy, measured the drawers; cut the paper to size; peeled off the back and started laying it out.  I had this handy tool for wallpapering, so I used it to push out any bubbles.  I felt pretty good about my kitchen drawers, they got cleaned out, all unused items put in a thrift shop bag; new stylish lining and everything put back in a tidy and neat order.  It was actually more satisfying that buying those beautiful leather heels I bought oh so many years ago and wore-well, maybe not.

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