Saturday, July 21, 2012

Always Make Room for Flowers in Your Gardens

When I was 20 years old, I was working in a hardware store while attending San Jose State.  An "older" cute guy (25 years old) used to come into the store all the time to purchase items as he worked across the street.  The owner of the store thought we should know each other so introduced us, 2 months later we eloped to Carson City, Nevada much to the horror of my parents because Frank hated the thought of having a big wedding.  We just celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary this week and I still feel he is the most wonderful guy in my life. Where does the time go????
Over the years Frank has restored a great many vehicles, a 1960s Porsche; VWs; old trucks; 1933 Pontiac; so many, I have forgotten.  His latest project is the 1947 Ford Tractor and it is now finished.
Before picture.
I love the design on the front
Just finished.
 Flowers are everywhere on our farm, I just can't live without something blooming in the yard much of the year.  In the vegetable fields, each year I add more and more flowers not only because I love them myself, but because they have become part of our business too.  I had a special order for several bouquets from a wonderful lady this week who was giving a huge family party.  She brought me her vases and had a few special requests like the stargazers in one vase and my limelight hydrangeas in another vase.  But the remaining ones she said to have a "garden bouquet".  The arrangements had lambs ear; hydrangeas; zinnias; cosmos; mums; basil; mint; and a few surprises here and there.

 In a few weeks I have another customer who is having a special birthday party for a friend and has 40 people coming for dinner.  The theme is country and wants lots and lots of farm fresh picked flowers for the table.  When I finish those arrangements, I will post so you can see how they turned out.
We had our Pickled Dilly Bean canning class this week and had a good turnout and met lots of great people.  We had some door prizes (floral arrangements) fresh watermelon from the garden; and a basket full of fruits and vegetables.  Everyone learned how to can and went home with the finished pickled beans.

More canning classes are scheduled all summer long and will be held almost every other week since all the fruits and vegetables are becoming ripe.  The next one is set for August 1st to can peaches and to make peach jam.  Future canning classes will be to can tomatoes; learn how to make floral arrangements; making bread; painting furniture and lots more. 
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Happy gardening!


the vintage bricoleur said...

What fun you must have at your classes! We are harvesting an early crop of apples from my parents orchard. Lots of apple pies and applesauce in the next few months. We love it! Terry

Helen said...

Lovely, lovely floral bouquets. And the canning jars look so festive. Blessings

farmlady said...

Happy Anniversary! You were definitely in it for the long haul.
I need more expertise in the canning area. I'm learning, but I usually stick to jams, applesauce and pesto. I could use one of your classes.
Great photos and flower arrangements.
(My husband would die for that restored tractor.)

Dirt Lover said...

Beautiful hubby, beautiful flowers. Glad to see you are enjoying both.

Windmill Farm said...

Making applesauce is my favorite canning, we eat more applesauce in the winter than any other canned fruit or vegetable. See you are enjoying the summer with your family, want to take your fall blog class Terry.

Windmill Farm said...

Thank you Helen.

Windmill Farm said...

Even though you already can, we love having people come to have fun with us, you are welcome any time. New class August 1st, we will be canning peaches.

Windmill Farm said...

Thank you