Thursday, May 10, 2012

Grandson's DIY Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel

Go figure this weather!!! Hard to plan what to do out in gardens from day to day.  Oh well, the plants don't know if it is too hot or too windy and of course, THE WEEDS love it all. 
I went to Yuba City late one evening taking the old Township Road and saw some farmers spraying their fruit trees at 9:00 p.m. at night!!!  Only time they could spray without the wind and temperatures were probably perfect.
I was able to spend some time with my grand kids last weekend.  Celli and I wallpapered Collin's room with a world map.  We re-arranged his furniture, cleaned good and updated his wall decals from CARS to STAR WARS his latest interest.  Celli found some large road maps on sale so we lined his dresser drawers with them and will be covering a lamp shade too.  I had some old wooden fruit boxes and we found another one at a local antique store, so Chris installed some casters on the bottom; we lined them with the road maps; and rolled them under Collin's bed full of LEGOs and toys.  A fun DIY project. Collin is loving his new room!!
My peonies are all finished, but they were spectacular this year.  They take so many years to get established but once they are happy in their location, the blossoms get bigger and more of them.  This is year 3 for the ones I planted in the yard and I loved having them along with cut roses in my kitchen.
We started remodeling the hall bathroom around March doing the work ourselves.  It is finally finished and Frank and I are very pleased with the results.  We tried to keep the look of the bathroom to have that 1920s/30s look to it which is the age of our house.  Still need some final items for walls but there will be garage sales and flea markets coming up soon.  Here is a before and after photo.
In my next blog I will show you some photos of the shower and storage cabinet Frank made.
Frank and I want to wish you a very wonderful Mother's Day this Sunday.  Both of us do not have our loving Mothers with us any longer, but a day does not go by when I don't think of my Mom who was so inspirational in my life.  She loved gardening and flowers and passed that love on to me.  Take the time to tell your Moms, Grandmas, Great-Grandmas that you love them. From Windmill Farm to your house-


Custom Mirrors Long Island said...

The 'after' is gorgeous!! The shape of that mirror is something I've never seen or thought of before, its fantastic! Got any more pics?

-Irwin Zinkin

Ron Bauguss said...

Both photos look great that I have to take a second look to figure out which one is ‘before’ and which is ‘after’. I hope I’m correct that ‘after’ is the one on the right? I based my guess on what seemed to be a newly painted cabinet and base sink. =D Ron @

Windmill Farm said...

Hi Ron: Yes the photo on right is the after. The cabinet was in good shape so we decided to leave the cabinet and put carrara marble on the top; changed out mirror and faucets. Added a back spash and changed the knobs. Also changed the light fixtures in ceiling and above sink that match and are vintage style from Rejuvenation Hardware.

Unknown said...

where did you get the map from? how big is it? it looks great!!

Windmill Farm said...

I purchased it on line, I used the size of his wall, I think it cost around $60??? Something like that, recall it came in 3-4 pieces, very easy to put up. Bought thru internet. He loves it even after these 4 years since we did it. Great learning too. Thanks for visiting my blog!!!