Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I was pondering the word Collections this week as a friend commented on my McCoy/Bauer collection of vases and I looked around my gardens, house, rooms and even thinking about my friends.  People who love farms and country style love to hunt and gather and end up with collections of similar objects.  I have been planning out my vegetable garden to begin planting for our Community Supportive Agriculture (CSA) membership farm this year.  I am grouping my plants into sections and planning out additional flower beds for my cut flowers into collections of colors, heights and seasons, without originally thinking about it, they have become grouped into collections.
My friends seem to be collections of my interests too. I have gardening friends, farm friends, canning friends, knitting friends, friends that are couples with being friends with Frank and I; friends who are involved in chickens; friends that are involved in my CSA/Farmer's Markets.
Our farm is called Windmill Farm, as you can imagine, I wanted to carry that theme on into other areas of our farm where windmills would be part of the gardens.  I started giving my husband, Frank gifts for his birthday, our anniversary or just a surprise that carried that theme on to his exterior shop wall.  These are the tails of different antique windmills.
Collections of dogs

Need I say more? I guess my life is filled with just plain collecting but so much more interesting than just having one!  I love collecting anything that has to do with country design, farming and gardening.  How about you, do you collect?  Until next time, from my collections (not really clutter) to yours.
Paula Carli-Windmill Farm and Country Design


farmlady said...

Another blogger after my own heart. I came from another blog and have found a shared interest in yours.
I understand the concept of "collecting". I have to keep it under control so that I'm not asked to be on the HOARDERS show, but I'm a big fan of McCoy pottery (have collected it for years) and, although I have maxed out on room for them... I keep buying.
Dogs too... and thrifting items... chickens.. goats... yarn and shoes. Yes.
I love the windmill tails.
You garden is beautiful.
So are your dogs.
I will return.

Windmill Farm said...

Hi Farmlady: Thank you for joining my Windmill Farm and Country Design blog. If you haven't been to my Facebook page, check it out too. I know what you mean, very thin line between collecting and hoarding. I can't even watch that program because it bothers me so much. I, at least, have wide walkways through my house!!! Just kidding. Come back any time and I will check out your blog-happy collecting. Paula Carli