Saturday, March 13, 2010

Peep Peep They Have Hatched!

The little chicks have arrived. I went out to check on the Black Jersey Star yesterday morning and heard a few peeps. I set up a large metal horse trough with a light in the garage, put down chick feed, water, bedding and then moved the Mom and babies to a much safer place. They are so cute and seem to be very happy. Nature is sure wonderful.
Reminder that there are still a few more CSA Memberships Available!!!
We have been very busy this last week even though we planned each day by the weather reports. Some reports were wrong and a few days turned out to be fabulous for planting.
So far I have put in cabbage, lettuces, peas, beans, carrots, parsley, cilantro, beets, kale, Swiss chard, snow peas. Other beds have been tilled, raked and prepared for many more seeds, maybe it will happen today and tomorrow. Last night it was 36 degrees and rained all day. The reports say by Sunday it should be 75 degrees!!! We shall see but I would really, really love to have a nice warm day, all day so we can get our seeds and plants in the ground.
My application for a Hoop Greenhouse Grant may be approved. The NRCS/USDA/Butte Co Farm Service Agency representative came out to the farm this week to view where we planned on placing the hoop units. Boy what a surprise I received as the initial grant stated the hoops would be the 3' size, placed on rows of lettuce, new seedlings. That was what was stated in the grant. But the representative stated some terms of the grant were changed, and the hoop unit has to be over 6' tall by 14' wide and comes in 100' lengths and it is to be used for in-ground growing, NOT to be used as a greenhouse where you raise container plants. Frank was a little dismayed because we had planned out some of our growing areas to use the 3' high and wide hoop housing but with such a large and tall unit it may change the location. We should hear by the first of April whether we receive the grant. The hoop gardening should allow us, the farmer, to start our plants in the ground earlier and be able to have harvest a good 3-4 weeks earlier than normal.
I am taking photos of the various fields to show the progress of the planting and how the plants are growing. Check out our Facebook page as I will not only post information about CSA, produce available and photos there but also on this blog.

Thank you for visiting our site and hope to see you soon at either our roadside stand, Farmer's Markets or as a CSA member of Windmill Farm.

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