Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Melons are Ready!

We picked our first watermelons from the field and they are sweet and juicy. There are many discussions about how to tell if they are ripe, but my old way of thumping them to listen for the deepest tone and looking at the flat spot on the bottom to see if it is yellow is still my favorite. We have three varieties of watermelon, Crimson, Jubilee and Bush Sugar Baby that we call the refrigerator watermelon. They range from about 5 lbs to 30 lbs. The Bush Sugar Baby are dark, dark green, almost black but so sweet you could eat the whole thing! The cantaloupes are just about ready. Each day I check to see if there is at least one to try but after counting the days from planting until now, it looks like next week they should be ripe. On Tuesday we have a booth at the Gridley downtown Farmer's Market. It is so much fun with live music, Fat Boy hot dogs and great vendors. I sold out of the very large slicing tomatoes. They were so beautiful, perfect for a sandwiches where one slice fills the whole size of the bread. You never see tomatoes that large in the markets and the wonderful flavor is hard to describe. At the self service stand and at the Farmer's Market, we also have available cherry tomatoes, Romas, and Early Girl. Hope to see you Gridley next Tuesday night!!!


  1. I can't wait to try that watermelon, it's sounds sooooo good!

  2. We will be taking a trip up North on Friday, I will be glad to drop some by to you along the way. If interested, I can bring some tomatoes, pluots, peaches, beans, corn and cucumbers too. I also have some beautiful lime light hydreageas, zinnas and sunflowers that I make into floral arrangements. Let me know what you would like and we can arrange a time. Thanks for visiting our Windmill Farm Blog.

  3. Beautiful blog site! Love your watermellon, tomatoes, peppers and your basil! Just put the basil stem in water and the basil will stay fresh for days. That says a lot about the freshness of your produce.

  4. Thank you "t" for your compliments. Everything we grow, we eat ourselves along with selling it to our customers. We want it to taste the best that it can be and as fresh as possible. All the melons are ripe now and the freestone peaches are just ready today. Taking the first batch to the Gridley Farmer's Market tonight. If you have a chance, stop by my booth tonight, hours are 5:00pm - 8:00pm at the downtown park, corner of Hazel Street and Virginia Street. Hope to see you there and thank you very much for buying Windmill Farm produce, produce that was tilled by our hands, planted by our hands, weeded by our hands, watered by our hands, harvested by our hands and packaged to sell directly to you-by our own hands. Life is great at the Windmill Farm.



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